What We Do

Sustainable solutions. Measurable impacts. Lasting partnerships.

Our goal: To do development differently. To work with Haitians as partners, mutual advisors and friends. At Sustain Haiti, we promote and pride ourselves on making and maintaining individual and community connections with our partners, community to community.
Our mission: We seek to measurably improve lives by providing education and assistance that meet critical community needs.
Our vision: We envision a Haiti in which individuals enjoy good health, adequate education, and economic security.
We aim for sustainable impact through local ownership and long-term commitment. We won’t promise you a silver bullet, but we promise to acknowledge the complexity of issues while thoughtfully and transparently working to address them.

With high rates of malnutrition, hypertension, and other nutrition-related issues, Sustain Haiti has prioritized providing education and support for vegetable gardens in and around Leogane since 2010. Using locally-produced organic compost and square foot gardening techniques, we have established several large community gardens. These sustainable gardens provide affordable vegetables in areas with highly volatile food prices. In addition to providing training to community members, we also provide nutrition education to emphasize the importance of a healthful diet.
In 1923, 60% of Haiti was covered in forests. Today, that number is less than 1%. Deforestation has increased vulnerability to flooding, degraded soil quality, and compromised watersheds. This leaves the safety and livelihoods of communities in jeopardy. The government of Haiti has identified the Leogane region as a priority area for reforestry and agroforestry due to the conditions of its watershed.

Since 2012, we have worked with local agronomists to develop small community-built and maintained tree nurseries, allowing for more than 10,000 seedlings to be planted. We also have trained local communities on the importance of agroforestry. We plan to expand this program in the coming years.

On occasion, we have adopted several different projects where we have been in a particularly promising position to contribute. For instance, in 2011, we worked to develop compost toilets to provide an eco-friendly sanitation solution for a tent community without toilets. In 2010, we helped install a major well system that provides safe running water to a community of about 5,000 people distributed through four major water distribution points.

Sustainable economic growth in Leogane will come from entrepreneurs. Since 2010 we have provided trainings and consultations to more than 300 entrepreneurs in Leogane. Our training has provided instruction on topics ranging from budgeting to bookkeeping to strategies for growth. We also have provided some grants to help particularly promising businesses grow.
Lack of adequate income, infrastructure, and education has left many Haitians with limited options for health care, and little knowledge regarding medical emergency response. In areas without ambulances or quick access to a hospital, basic first aid is vital. Since 2010, we have provided basic first aid training in dozens of communities, teaching lessons ranging from cholera prevention to wound care. At times and with proper training, we have provided first aid kits for families and communities.

In 2014, we piloted a community health educator program. After identifying 13 community members, we provided them with intensive training enabling them to teach and reinforce basic health principles in their communities.

Who We Are

We are a non-denominational group of development specialists, social entrepreneurs, and concerned citizens working in Leogane, Haiti and surrounding communities. We empower families and communities to tackle their most critical challenges. Sustain Haiti was formed in response to the 2010 earthquake. Our goal was to produce sustainable results. How do we define sustainability?
A long-term commitment to address the complex circumstances contributing to Haiti’s economic vulnerability.
A commitment to environmentally and economically sustainable practices.
A commitment to empower social entrepreneurs in Haiti in adaptive ways, to promote locally-sustained impacts.
Focused on principles of self-reliance and sustainable development, our goal is to empower families and communities to meet their most pressing needs. We view these families and communities as partners, mutual advisors, and friends working towards a common goal.

Get Involved

We’re always eager to find a good match for our organization. While we do not regularly send volunteers from the US to Haiti, there are many ways to provide support. We are especially eager to work with volunteers who are willing to help us raise funds. We also are happy to use various interests and skills such as social media, accounting, and graphic design. Expertise in health, agriculture, or business is also very helpful. If you are interested in getting involved, please email us with a brief description of what you would like to contribute and how much time you can dedicate.

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