More 2014 Community Health Educators

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This summer we have the opportunity to work with a number of impressive people and train them as Community Health Educators. We’ve talked about some of them already; a few more are highlighted below:




Enoch is a Community Health Educator in Bosye. He has a strong educational background in health and is growing into an outstanding first aid teacher. We look forward to seeing the work he accomplishes in his community.




photo 2


Daika was chosen to be a Community Health Educator in the community of Tetkazo. Having just finished a semester of school, Daika has good background in health fundamentals., She particularly plans to focus on teachingwomen’s health in her community. Daika works closely with another Community Health Educator, Flavna, and together they will teach classes on HIV/AIDS prevention.




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A trained nurse, Marie previously worked at St. Croix hospital. Marie is a Community Health Educator for the community of Tetkazo, specializing in first aid. Due to her nursing background and extensive experience, Marie is well-connected in her community and will be able to help many people.



DSCN1221Benchoumy, or Ben for short, is only 20 years old and just finished a semester of university. Ben approached Sustain Haiti with his community leader to talk with us specifically about the health needs in his community.  From the very beginning, Ben has been committed, dynamic and and fast-learning. Ben will begin teaching classes on diarrheal diseases and HIV/AIDS in his community soon.


We continue to be impressed with the capability and dedicationof our Community Health Educators. They are an impressive group who are truly dedicated to sustainably improving the lives of the people in their communities.