Welcome to Sustain Haiti 2.0!

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We begin our work in 2015 with a new phase of international development. Since the terrible Haiti earthquake of five years ago last month (January 12, 2010), we can look back with grateful hearts for all the sweat, blood, and tears Sustain Haiti has given to help the resilient people of our beloved land, especially those in and around Leogane, the quake’s epicenter. As board chair, I want to express appreciation to the noble members of our Haitian staff who worked with us as we sought in the first several years to relieve suffering and begin rebuilding.

Gradually, our projects evolved into programs—public health, microfinance, education and literacy, clean water systems, English language, square-foot-gardens, business plan competitions, reforestation, etc. Thanks also to the dozens of volunteers who gave of their money, labor, and brains to help us roll out various initiatives each summer. I’m grateful to the many donors, whether companies, individuals, and in-country participants. And last but not least, the Sustain Haiti board members have been amazing, offering their wisdom, funding, and good humor that we needed through tough times as well as the good days.

After years of engaging humanitarian volunteers as a key strategy, our board worked up a new stage 2 business plan for the next few years. It will emphasize doing deeper development with our paid staff in Haiti all year, having paid executive directors in the U.S. to manage the whole organization, and discontinuing our summer volunteer recruitment, training and work on the ground.

Big News! I’m thrilled to announce our new co-executive directors, Alexandria Scott and Zach Christensen, are Sustain Haiti’s managers. Possessing wonderful leadership skills, and having a good deal of NGO experience, as well as having spent considerable time on the ground in Haiti, we hired them to lead our efforts in January 2015. All of the board members are excited about this next phase.

Warner Woodworth
Chairman of the Board of Directors